Out of the Blue


Ray Porter  “The Jazz Rep” on UK Jazz Radio  included “Little Sunflower” from The Neil Bridge 7+ CD “Yes, I Am Still Here” on a playlist in November, 2011.  On December 10, 2o11. he showcased ” Red Clay” from the same CD  on a play list titled  “Jazz a Love Affair 111”.  Ray’s Podcast link is here.

Here is the cut of 

      1. Red Clay - Red Clay as part of the UK Jazz Radio set
 off of The Jazz Rep’s Podcast.

Below is the entire Podcast and you will really enjoy Ray Porters wonderful jazz voice.

Here is the play list for “Jazz A Love Affair 111” Part 1,

Darren Johnston’s Chicago Quintet – The Big Lift, 2011, The Big Lift.
Hancock/Brecker/Hargrove – Transition, 2002, Directions In Music.
Mishka Adams – God Bless The Child, 2005, God Bless The Child.
Bud Powell Trio – Un Poco Loco, 1951.
Neil Bridge 7+ – Red Clay, 2011, Yes I Am Still Here.
Alan Skidmore – Old San Juan, 1970, Once Upon A Time.